1. Co-Management Requirements
  • SCCM Lab
    • Domain Controller (AD DS and CA)
    • Router
    • SCCM at least 1710
    • Clients Win 10 at least 1709
  • Azure subscription for CMG and Cloud DP
  • EMS subscription (Partner Demo would suffice)
  • External domain

SCCM Lab – this can be your regular SCCM lab (in case you have one) or you can download the Microsoft 365 Lab. This can be found here. Note that you might end up with the default contoso.com domain name (internal) if using this lab 😊

Azure subscription for CMG and Cloud DP – a trial or paid subscription to host the CMG and the Cloud DP instances. This could be ~50Euro /month if you keep them up all the time. CMG and Cloud DP are used as SCCM extension in the Azure. CMG is a management point and Cloud DP is a distribution point.

EMS Subscription – This is your Intune/ EMS subscription. Here you have your Azure AD, your Intune, etc.

External Domain – external domain is needed for CMG and Cloud DP setup as well as for hybrid AD integration. If you don’t want an “onmicrosoft.com” domain, you can link your domain in Azure and make it principal domain.

See bellow how the components fit together